Instructions of game

The winner will have like a prize a game... but who will win the battle?

LASERGAMES is a game simple, intuitive and entertaining. You come into armoury, you put on a mimetic jacket and you bring to the shoulder the laser-gun, denn after you are entered into arena, you are transformed in a warlike. The purpose of the game is immediately clearly:"to vin", " to hit the opponents and don't be to hit. For every hit against your opponents, your score will be very high, for every hit received your core will lower. Or you fight in a team or all against all the only thing it's not only the fun but "to vin" too.
Option mine:
once the mine is started, the arena is a real minefield, that before the mine goes off, it warns you with a sound, then you must run away, if you aren't quick and you are stabbed, the mine will discharge your gun ( that you must reload again in the realoding-cabin) and it will remove 20 points at your score.

option opposed:
hit you the opposed in the just moment and you will be unbeatable for 40 minutes, but if you will commit an error and you don't hit him it will be to hit you, discharging your gun( that you must reload again) removing 20 points in your score.

option bases:
if you play in team this option makes the battle more winning and strategic, the purpose is not only to hit the opposeds, but it's to defend and join the opposing adversary-base. Every base, that it will hit, it will increase the player's score and so the team's points. Lasergames is also:

Music Pub, Fast Food, Internet Point, Videogames and biliard.